About Us

MeowWoofChirp is a social networking destination for your pets. We help make your pets social both virtually and in the “real” world. Our goal is to become the destination sites for pets and their humans.

The idea of MeowWoofChirp came from our desire to showcase our own pets. We wanted to share their photos, videos, and updates with others that know them and we wanted to know what is happening with their buddies.

We plan to expand our site to do much more – to be a resource for information about pets, to help educate, and to share information about adoption since we are passionate about helping all pets find their forever homes.

The Team

Pam Allison

Pam Allison is a digital media strategist and entrepreneur. She has spent the last several years as an independent consultant to media and technology companies advising them on digital media and marketing strategies. She has occupied key strategic and product management roles at Disney, DIRECTV, Movielink, as well as other start-ups.

Pam Allison holds a BA in Management Engineering from Claremont McKenna College, a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University, and an MBA and a MS in Computer Science from UCLA.

Pam lives in Los Angeles with her 4 cats Wally, Casey, Oreo, and Smokey. Wally and Casey were adopted through a rescue organization called Kitten Rescue. Pam personally rescued Oreo and Smokey when they were about 8 months in hopes of finding them a forever home, which is now Pam’s home. She grew up with both cats and dogs and is a huge pet lover.

Pam and her dog, ReggiePam, with pet Yoyo and Brutus

Lisa Miller

Lisa Miller has worked in Operations for Cable Television advertising for over 25 years. She works closely with advertising agencies, programming, promotions, marketing and sales. She got her start at Cablevision then moved on to Time Warner. She is currently a Director in Commercial Operations at Discovery Communications. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from SUNY Stony Brook.

Lisa has always loved and had animals. Growing up on Long Island, New York, she had dogs, cats, gerbils, turtles, fish, and newts. Four years ago, she took in two kittens, Izzy and Jesse, after their mother wandered into a friend’s home and then gave birth 24 hours later.

Lisa, with pet NickiLisa, with pet Nicki