Cat Behavior: Why is Fluffy so Bored?

Comfortable Egyptian Mau Cat

Cats can make great pets for many reasons. Obviously they are cuddly, fun pets who you’re your life whole, but that they can also adapt to apartment living as well as house living. This means you can have that special friend but also not need to pay attention to her as much as, oh say, a dog. You don’t have to worry about letting it outside to go potty, taking it for a walk, or crating it when you leave for a few hours. However, just because Fluffy really only needs a clean litter box, fresh food and water, and some human attention to be happy, she also needs mental stimulation in those small living spaces. Additionally, daily exercise is key for cats to remain fit and healthy, so having accessories to help encourage that is essential.  Here are some cat accessories that you can supply.

CAT CONDOS: Having a few of these around your home can keep your cat entertained. They supply your cat with not only a safe place to get away from humans or dogs or anything else in your household but they are also a fun mental activity. Cats love being up high. Instead of having them use your kitchen counters or refrigerator to get a bird’s eye view, give them a couple different sized towers to climb up.. They also supply cats with an object that is appropriate to use as a scratching post.

SCRATCHING POST:  There are a number of different styles of scratching post to choose from. Even a declawed cat still wants scratch. Therefore, supplying Fluffy with a couple of good scratching post around your home will help.  Cats mainly scratch to keep their nails short but also to shed the outer layer of their nails. Placing cat scratchers in front of furniture will encourage them to use the scratching post instead of your furniture to sharpen their claws.

TUNNELS:  Some cats go crazy for tunnels. These toys stimulate the hunting instinct that cats have. Tunnels combined with feather toys are a great way to mentally stimulate that frisky feline. Even if your cat doesn’t like the tunnel, any of the feather wands, fuzzy mice or crinkle balls, etc will stimulate the hunting instinct which is key to keeping your cat mentally stimulated on a daily basis.

PUZZLE TOYS:  There are a wide variety of cat specific puzzle toys. These are super helpful in keeping your cat busy for hours. You can find them online, at some animal shelters, and pet stores. Puzzle toys make your cat think a little more than usual for their food. Most of the toys need your cat to roll, push, pick up/drop, or slide slots over in order to get their food or treats out. Plus it will give you hours of laughter – and maybe even some YouTube content to put on MeowWoofChirp.

Rearranging your Cat Condos and scratching posts on weekly or monthly basis can help aid in stimulating your furry feline friend as well. Make sure you have a few of these items in your apartment or house to ensure your cat is a happy cat rather then a naughty one that resorts to bad behavior because of boredom.

Amber Kinzel has been a vet tech for 5 years. She works at the Airport Animal Hospital in Duluth, MN. She is the proud mom to 2 dogs and 4 cats. The make sure there is never a dull moment in her house. She loves to take her dogs out for walks on the beach. You can see all of her animals on her MeowWoofChirp page here.