Dog Naps by Scruffy

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I mostly like to talk about the active part of our canine lives. Obviously, I love a good walk, hike, or car ride (preferably all three in a day, every day). But I also love a good nap!

Disclaimer: What do you notice about the photos in this post? Yep, my eyes are open in each one. Who can sleep through their owner taking a picture, sometimes with a flash? This inevitably occurs right in the middle of a really great dream involving chasing a bunny or a squirrel. Unfortunately, dog owners are a necessary evil.

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In hot weather, it’s very important to keep your belly cool. Your belly has less fur and the blood vessels lie closer to the surface of the skin. Cooling your belly will cool your entire body. Does your owner’s bed have a ceiling fan above it? While you can’t see the fan in this photo, I assure you I have positioned myself on the bed to get the maximum return generated by the fan.

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Are you not allowed on the bed? Hmm. I don’t know how to help you. It’s a long way from the fan to the floor. This must be the type of thing that causes dogs to turn on their owners.

You may be wondering (well, more realistically, your owners may be wondering) if all that napping will affect your ability to sleep at night. If you encounter this scenario, you can assume that either they’ve had a human baby, or they’ve seen movies about human babies. As you well know, we can nap all day and sleep all night. But even if we sleep for 20 hours, that still leaves four for walks and hikes and fun!!  Hint, hint.

Happy Napping,


Scruffy is an eight-year old female Terrier mix, turned over to an adoption organization by her original family when she was two. Now in her forever home, she enjoys eating, walking, snacking, hiking, chasing lizards, munching on treats, snoozing, chasing bunnies, barking at cats, chewing bones, riding in the car, napping, chasing squirrels, and belly rubs . . . in no particular order. Her favorite pet celebrity is Snoopy because he writes, fights the Red Baron, dances, gives great smooches, and has a giant supper bowl.  Her profile on MeowWoofChirp be found at: