Homeland Security, Canine Style


Regardless of breed or training, all dogs perform some level of home and land security. Even toy-sized dogs can be ankle-biters to defend their families. (In fact, toy breeds often perform better than larger dogs. Have you ever seen an Irish Wolfhound try to bite an ankle?)

Despite our tremendous talent, humans often choose electronic security alarms to protect their homes, sometimes at great financial expense. But these alarms have drawbacks. For example, if a friend or family member needs to access the home, the alarm can’t detect that the person means no harm. Dogs know exactly who is allowed on the premises and who should be chased to the curb.

Dogs also offer variable response according to the severity of the threat. An alarm system has one response: ear-splitting noise. The entire neighborhood can hear it. We canines can customize our responses, from a “wuff” at the mailVariable response based on severity of threat.man so he knows we’re watching, to half-crazed maniacal barking. And if we’re able to look out a window, we can respond directly to our intended target.

I’ll share some examples. This first video shows an appropriate response to a man walking a dog on the other side of the street.


People rarely walk their dogs on my side of the street, and I take full credit for that. Okay, moving on to a bigger threat. In this situation, there was a CAT in the middle of the street. That’s right, a CAT.


As I said before, dogs can vary their response. I reserve my half-crazed maniacal barking for when CATS dare to enter my front yard. Unfortunately there’s no video footage because CATS no longer come any closer than the middle of the street.

Who knows why humans insist on using their silly electronic alarm systems. I dare any CAT burglar to enter my territory. The ankle you lose may be your own.



Scruffy is an eight-year old female Terrier mix, turned over to an adoption organization by her original family when she was two. Now in her forever home, she enjoys eating, walking, snacking, hiking, chasing lizards, munching on treats, snoozing, chasing bunnies, barking at cats, chewing bones, riding in the car, napping, chasing squirrels, and belly rubs . . . in no particular order. Her favorite pet celebrity is Snoopy because he writes, fights the Red Baron, dances, gives great smooches, and has a giant supper bowl.  Her profile on MeowWoofChirp be found at: http://www.meowwoofchirp.com/members/karenhurlbut-scruffy/.