Scruffy’s Dog Beach Adventures

Scruffy at Beach

In my state—California—spring has sprung and the weather is so warm it might as well be summer. That means it’s time for a trip to the beach.

Southern California is so heavily populated with people that doggy access to beaches isn’t a given. Along most of the coastline, dogs aren’t allowed. Some beaches allow leashed dogs during certain times of the day. But to really have fun, go to a designated dog beach! I’ve been to two: Huntington Dog Beach in Orange County, and Fiesta Island Off-Leash Dog Park in Mission Bay in San Diego.

I’m a terrier, which means I was designed to dig in the dirt, but I’ve always enjoyed wading in local and mountain streams. My first trip was to Huntington Dog Beach where the Santa Ana River enters the ocean. I was pleased that I could access the river where there weren’t any waves. (At this point, I didn’t know what a wave was.) Off to my right were a couple of labs. They were swimming and chasing sticks out to the deepest part of the river with no fear. (I’ve since been told Labs are great swimmers, but not so good at digging holes and hunting gophers. We all have our talents.)

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After I tested out the baby pool, my human and I headed for the “ocean” end of the beach. Every few seconds the water rises up and heads straight for you. This is called A WAVE. Kind of exciting, but kind of scary. The labs seemed oblivious, but you have to try this at least once.

I’ve also been to Fiesta Island in Mission Bay. Since the water in the bay is much calmer than the ocean, I avoided all waves and could truly enjoy myself. I happened to go on a weekday and pretty much had the place to myself.

As it warms up, put a visit to a dog beach on your calendar.

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