Tips on Digging Great Holes

Scruffy Digging

Digging is part of being a dog. At home, sculpting a hole in the garden may give you a cooler, more damp place to nap on hot days. When walking or hiking, if you catch the scent of vermin*, you’ll want to be prepared for the chase if it “goes to ground.” Here are some tips to help you be successful.

In your yard: If possible, dig in soft soil. That may mean an area that has been dug up recently, such as a new flower bed or vegetable garden. You will also want to look for spots that are damp or watered regularly. When in doubt, give it a try. If the dirt doesn’t yield, try another spot.

On a hike: When chased, vermin are likely to run into an established hole. Your job is to remove the loose dirt as fast as you can before your prey is fully entrenched in the Underground Vermin Tunnel System (UVTS). All the more reason for a daily walk to help you stay fit for speedy digging.

Vermin don’t always dig in straight lines. Use your tail as your rudder to keep your balance. This enables you to attack the hole from either side, especially if you’re deep enough to penetrate tunnels that run parallel to the ground surface.

Scruffy Digging2

On a walk: When I’m out and about, I often find food that I don’t want to eat myself, but I don’t want another dog to eat it either. My solution is to bury it. You’re probably asking, “What could you possibly not want to eat?” The answer is bread. People toss out slices of bread here, there, and everywhere. Why? I have no insight into the odd workings of the human brain.

When you bury something, use your nose to cover it up with dirt. Your paws really aren’t designed for filling in holes.

For a demonstration, see me in action:

Happy Digging,


*I use the term “vermin” to refer to wild rodents (gophers, ground squirrels, skunks, possums, mice, rats, etc.). I don’t classify guinea pigs or hamsters as vermin.

Scruffy is an eight-year old female Terrier mix, turned over to an adoption organization by her original family when she was two. Now in her forever home, she enjoys eating, walking, snacking, hiking, chasing lizards, munching on treats, snoozing, chasing bunnies, barking at cats, chewing bones, riding in the car, napping, chasing squirrels, and belly rubs . . . in no particular order. Her favorite pet celebrity is Snoopy because he writes, fights the Red Baron, dances, gives great smooches, and has a giant supper bowl.  Her profile on MeowWoofChirp be found at: